Strategic Marketing and Communications for Change

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ZA Group was founded with a firm commitment to making a significant, positive contribution to the economic and social wellbeing of all South Africans. We harness the power of communication to empower people and institutions to grow their businesses, generate employment and create wealth for themselves and their communities.

Site conceptualised, written and designed by the ZA Team.

"You are able to take an idea, interpret it imaginatively and execute it efficiently. You guys are just all round fab!"
— Mandy Triaca, Marketing Manager, Michael Mount Waldorf School.

"In addition to the well-articulated text, people immediately understand our message and benefits from the few words on the cover. You gave us an excellent concept for communicating what we have to offer ... irrevocably positioned the company among the top professionals in this market."
— Casey Opitz, Marketing Director, Commonwealth Computer Services.

"… excellent design sense … keen understanding of how an organization´s marketing materials are perceived by the public … highly professional, pleasant to work with and sensitive to clients´ financial constraints."
— Anthony E. Kilbridge, VRA.

Strategic Marketing and Communications for Change